Learning Snapshot 0.03

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Following on from Learning Snapshot 0.02.

Mobility & flow training: Still at it ????. Loving caterpillar walks and mule kicks. I’m really feeling the lightness of being.

Bayesian Statistics: Errr… I need to get on this. I’ve been slacking and not focussed on finishing “Bayesian Statistics the Fun Way”.

Reading: Just finished reading, The Art of Currency Trading by Brent Donnelly. Was recommended by a fellow forex trader friend of mine. At first I thought the name of the book was cheesy until he said it was probably one of the best trading books he read.

I must say, he is spot on. It not the usual BS / fluff that you find in the majority of FX books and Brent shares his own experiences (both good and bad). Some points hit home, especially on the concept of integrating technical trading with what is happening in the overall economy (such as interest rates, central bank decisions etc) and on the mindset / emotional side of trading. When I started out FX trading, I was narrow minded and believed in pure technical trading. Overtime, I have married the two together and the results are much better than my initial approach of being purely technical.

It gives you a proper foundation to building your trading skills from, and that is just the beginning of your trading journey. I will be re-reading this one. ???? And highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking of trading forex or those even already in the game of forex (you may have some ah-ha moments).

Really loved these quotes. Mastery is the journey.

“Currency trading is like playing the piano. The mechanics are very simple (just press a few keys!) but mastery takes a lifetime.”

“Trading, like baseball, poker, golf, or any other highly skilled pursuit, can be a game not of inches but of millimeters. Small improvements in your decision‐making process can yield large improvements in profitability.”

Brent Donnelly

The Oxygen Advantage – Review. For those who are new to breathing techniques especially the Buteyko breathing method, you’ll find this book interesting. Patrick learnt from Buteyko and expanded his techniques and skills. Good for those who want to learn about better nose breathing and the importance of breathing efficiency (BOLT).

I switched from mouth breathing since 2015 and have found I have less allergies. The challenge I have so far is with night time sleeping, despite having tried the tape method.


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