Learning Snapshot 0.05

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Following on from Learning Snapshot 0.04 Mobility & flow training: I’m more serious with “resistance” training now. I’m on a mission. A good friend called me “skinny fat”, which is true, as much as I don’t want to admit it. I haven’t been exercising with the same focus nor energy level. Flow training before sleep […]

Learning Snapshot 0.04

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Following on from Learning Snapshot 0.03. Mobility & flow training: I’m still really feeling the lightness of being ????️. I dropped caterpillar walks and mule kicks. Started to add weight training, with a different mindset. It’s quite a contradictory mindset but one of calmness and relaxation. And to add, I focus on connecting with my body […]

Learning Snapshot 0.03

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Following on from Learning Snapshot 0.02. Mobility & flow training: Still at it ????. Loving caterpillar walks and mule kicks. I’m really feeling the lightness of being. Bayesian Statistics: Errr… I need to get on this. I’ve been slacking and not focussed on finishing “Bayesian Statistics the Fun Way”. Reading: Just finished reading, The Art of Currency […]

Learning Snapshot 0.02

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Following up from my Learn Snapshot 0.01. Mobility & flow training: Loving it. As my previous post Calli-sthen-ics flow, I do morning energy / chi exercises, afternoon movements and night time stretching and mobility. I will keep at it and see where it takes me. I don’t feel the urge to go to the gym […]

Calli-sthen-ics flow

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My calli-sthen-ics flow. I love the origin of the word, I discovered the origin recently. Originating from the Greek language, with “kallos” meaning “beauty” and “sthenos” meaning “strength” and -ics (which is English). How wonderful is that. Progress from the Learning Snapshot 0.01 and Mobility & Flow Training: Daily mobility & flow routine: I have […]

Learning Snapshot 0.01

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Things I am currently learning. Bayesian Statistics. P = ( D | H,X ). This was influenced by Larry Hite’s book, “The Rule: How I Beat the Odds in the Markets and in Life – and How You Can Too”. I read “The Rule”, in Q4 last year and now I’m diving into Bayesian Statistics. […]