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I get this asked a fair bit on what people should do for their work or if they should take a new career path or role? I have a work filter that I use. I don’t think it’s revolutionary but it helps prioritise what you should potentially do or not do.

I was fortunate to realise from a young age that you really have to choose your work choices well as that will also potentially impact your own well being and life in the future.

People don’t realise how much time at work you spend. I did a quick search online and from an article from the Huffington Post, show’s we spend a good chunk of our lives working. So you better damn well enjoy it.

From the

The work filter, you will want at least 2 of these, if you do not have 2 of these really have a think about if you want to take the job. ALSO, note that sometimes you really have no choice, like you are in need of money (I’ve been there before).

The work filters:

  1. You genuinely are passionate about the work.
  2. You are learning a lot.
  3. You are earning a ton of $.

You want at least 2 of these for your work. If you only have 1, then really think twice about whether you want to carry on with your work or want to make that career move. You spend a large chunk of your life “working”, so you better enjoy it. I am fortunate where at most times, I have all 3.

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