Learning Snapshot 0.05

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Following on from Learning Snapshot 0.04

Mobility & flow training: I’m more serious with “resistance” training now. I’m on a mission. A good friend called me “skinny fat”, which is true, as much as I don’t want to admit it. I haven’t been exercising with the same focus nor energy level. Flow training before sleep at night. Mobility and resistance training during the day with the famous “tabata” method to finish off the training. I’m doing daily exercise now.

Working towards the front lever. The focus of this “new” mission, started a week or so ago. I’m keep tabs on energy levels and physique.

Cold Showers: I started this on and off a while maybe 5 years ago? Especially after reading about the 30 day cold shower challenge. I picked it back up during my mission of getting into better shape.

Reading: Still reading, lately more so on business reports and financial reports. Been trading more and we actually just JV’d with a company in AI for business process optimisation. Been very busy on the business front.

On my reading list:

  • How emotions are made, Lisa Feldman Barrett
  • The war of art, Steven Pressfield
  • Unknown market wizards, Jack Schwager
  • The second leg down, Krishnan Hari
  • The madness of crowds, Douglas Muarry

News:ย This started off really well. I didn’t scroll to any of the news sites for a month or so. However, I noticed my mind started to drift off to YouTube watching “motivational” or “inspiring” videos… that would suck up my time instead of the news. I’m now aware and am stopping that. I did pick up back on the BBC because football started again, which led me to drifting over to BBC news… so I’m trying to stop that. Oh what fun ๐Ÿ˜€


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