A game of chance

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I confess, I like to watch romantic comedies at times. Haha. Recently I watched “Love Wedding Repeat” (thank you Netflix binge watching?). It was a nice and easy watch. Loved this part between Bryan and Jack. A game of chance, oh it really is. ????

Jack & Bryan (Love Wedding Repeat)

Jack: Well, at least one of us has had some luck.

Bryan: What are you talking about? We’re all lucky.

Jack: Are we really?

Bryan: Have you ever thought about how small the chances are that you would be born? If just one thing in history had changed, just one of your millions of ancestors hadn’t crossed paths at the exact moment they did, then you wouldn’t exist. You’d never have even lived a single day.

Jack: Did you just make that up?

Bryan: No. It’s a quote from one of Vitelli’s films. But it’s true though, right?

Jack: Yeah.

Bryan: I mean, it’s pretty scary, but if we’re honest with ourselves, then it all comes down to chance. And I guess life is about grabbing those chances when they come around.


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