Learning Snapshot 0.04

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Following on from Learning Snapshot 0.03.

Mobility & flow training: I’m still really feeling the lightness of being ????️. I dropped caterpillar walks and mule kicks. Started to add weight training, with a different mindset. It’s quite a contradictory mindset but one of calmness and relaxation. And to add, I focus on connecting with my body when lifting weights (that’s not so much contradictory). Contradictory in the sense of going against what I used to do, which was being a “GYM BRO!” of lifting and throwing around heavy weights with a “no pain, no gain” and “beast mode” ???????? mindset.

My current split is morning flow, midday / afternoon weight session or callisthenics training and wrapping up the day with a night time flow with stretching and meditation. ????????‍♂️

Bayesian Statistics: Haha, I returned the book. And well, haven’t read up on it any further. A hiatus?

Reading: Currently reading Multipliers by Liz Wiseman.

What have I read since our last learning snapshot?

  • Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself by Mike Michalowicz
  • Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick: People, Probabilities, and Big Moves to Beat the Odds by Chris Bradley, Sven Smit & Martin Hirt
  • 12 Months to $1 Million: How to Pick a Winning Product, Build a Real Business, and Become a Seven-Figure Entrepreneur by Ryan Moran
  • Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why by Laurence Gonzales

I would recommend, 12 Months to $1 Million. As an entrepreneur I went around business in a roundabout way, and if I had this book earlier it could have potentially have saved a lot of time and potentially made my businesses much more valuable. I resonated with the view of his thoughts of the entrepreneurial journey and how you have to be wired a little bit differently to be able to want to go adventuring the path of the entrepreneur.

A quote from the book that made me LOL (A great term, it can be applied outside of products as well. Use it imaginatively.):

“the golden turd” – a great product that you keep polishing and polishing, without ever knowing who would want to buy it.

News: I have a habit of going to news sites like; the BBC, BusinessInsider, local country news websites, TechinAsia etc, and find myself getting sucked into the media drumbeat abyss and waste a lot of time. I’ve decided to do a 30 day sprint of not going direct to these sites and mindless browsing, I will only visit links that I get sent to me directly or if I am specifically researching a subject and need to access one of these media sites.

Others: Been reading a lot (such as on a government level, macro / micro economic level, etc absorbing as much information as I can) in an attempt to understand the deeper dynamics and shifts at play. The world is a constant state of change. Stay calm, stay safe and well. Let’s see how this plays out. ????

Thoughts: Along my trading journey, I read somewhere that “successful trading is boring”. I used to think, boring, impossible. Trading is fun and exhilarating. Until I started to realised that successful trading is “boring”. Boring might not be the right word, it’s more that successful trading is simple and emotionally uneventful. I’ll expand more on this one day.


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