People are energy

People are energy. (We are all vibrations and frequencies.) It took me too damn long to figure that out. They either power you up or drain energy from you. It follows on my “A” Players post and the importance of surrounding yourself with A Players. Have you ever spent time with someone and after felt like the life was sucked out of you? That person is an energy vampire! Then on the flip side you spend time with a person and after feel super energised and ready to carpe diem!

My father used to tell me that when you are older you’ll be lucky to have a handful of good friends you can really count on. At the time, what he didn’t tell me was don’t hang around BS people and to hang with more “A” Players. I found that out along my journey in life.

Side note: When I was young hero running around in my 20’s I thought I wanted to be super popular and how cool would it be, how wrong was I. Quality trumps quantity.

Here’s a method that I have used. I have to name it something right. So, let’s stick with the “+/- People Energy Test”. I’m sure I’ll come up with a better name later. Try it out, tweak it to your situation and see how it works for you.

Write down 10 people you spend the most time with. Now think about whether they 1, Energise you, support you or inspire you or 2, Suck the life energy of you / drain you mentally.

For those people who fall under the 1 category, add a + sign next to them. For those who fall under the 2 category, add a – sign next to them.

The goal is to have more + signs versus – signs. For where ever they are going, you are going too. Spend time with the + signs and less so with the – signs.

Now for those with a – sign, have a good think about whether you want to spend more time with them or if you even need them in your life. Note, you will have to balance and figure if you want to add family members in the list.

I have personally stopped hanging out with – signs on my list and have found my life much better and lighter. Things ‘magically’ brighten up in the present and the future.

Choose wisely.

August 10th 2020 addition: I wanted to add, think about whether you are a + / – to the people around you. Food for thought.

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