Predictions x 2020

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I have other predictions noted away but I’ll post these for now. Here are some plays that I see coming. The predictions are purely opinions on potential outcomes and changes in the future. Remember the future is a point that is always changing, the information field is continuously flowing and there is a wide range of potential outcomes. Like with anything in life, timing plays a big part.

  • India to overtake China as a global power. Due to sheer population numbers. Instead of seeing large groups of Chinese tour groups, we’ll be seeing large groups of Indian tour groups.
  • Vietnam to be the rising star in the ASEAN region in the next 3 – 5 years. This is fuelled by a young population and one that is hungry to increase their financial well being.
  • Thailand to lose it’s edge as the tourist place to visit and do business in ASEAN.
  • Asia is currently the “booming” economic area in the world. My belief is that we move in cycles. Before it was Europe and before that it was the USA. China was dubbed ‘miracle’ growth, however for me it was purely China going through a natural development progression of technological catch up and of course large scale demographics. The next area that fits this profile post India, is Africa.
  • Automation. Substantial job displacement due to the rise of robotics and the buzz word of the moment “A.I.” (Artificial Intelligence).

We have been deliberately looking at opportunities in Automation / AI, Vietnam and Africa for the past couple of years.

I have had these thoughts prior to Covid 19, for the past several years for the matter of fact. Covid 19 has had a big impact on the world and of course the prediction points I have mentioned.

I have been rambling on about the automation part to close friends and associates of mine, however my ramblings have fallen onto unwilling listeners. We can see that Covid 19 seems to be a catalyst to speed up the automation part from a business perspective.

The prediction points post is good for myself to keep as a reference to refer back to in the future.


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