Listening to the uni-verse

Categories: orbit

It was a 5 minute timer for the meditation and my mind was getting agitated. And a message came in… and it said… “listen“.

I didn’t quite understand as, that’s what I thought I have been doing. Listening. During the meditation, I started to visualise everything around me in frequencies vibrating with different fields. A life force beating. Everything went silent and I was in a state of bliss. It felt a bit like the vision Neo saw of the codes of the construct from the Matrix movies but with coloured vibrating frequencies.

I am not sure what it means. Since that moment, I do try and listen more. It stops everything and I just listen. I feel life beating with every movement and see life in vibrations.

Uni-verse. Uni = one, verse = rhythm. One, rhythm. One, beat. ⚛️????️


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