Learning Snapshot 0.01

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Things I am currently learning.

Bayesian Statistics. P = ( D | H,X ). This was influenced by Larry Hite’s book, “The Rule: How I Beat the Odds in the Markets and in Life – and How You Can Too”. I read “The Rule”, in Q4 last year and now I’m diving into Bayesian Statistics. Mr Hite said he uses it in his trading systems. I don’t heavily use statistics in my business or investing and trading life, it will be interesting to see if this can help or be applied in some form of framework.

Mobility & Flow Training. After going Gym Beast mode on bench pressing, deadlifts, squats etc for the past 10 years and sustaining several injuries (wrist, shoulder, and forearm). I finally pulled the trigger on mobility training. I don’t want to be that buff guy who suffers from persistent injuries. Flexibility and mobility training. I’ve been inconsistently adding this with my weight training for the past several years. Now it’s time to add that special focus. ????‍♂️ Think calisthenics / body weight training and damn a lot more stretching. A leaner and more agile body, here we come. ????‍♂️

This ties into training of listening more to my own body and feeling the flow.

Reading. “The Dao of Capital: Austrian Investing in a Distorted World” by Mark Spitznagel. Yes, he’s “in trend” right now, for being the “Goat Farmer” who runs Universa Investments that returned 3,612% in March with the 30% drop in the S&P500. He is endorsed and advised by Nassim Taleb, who is a hero of mine.


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