Celebrate life every damn day

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Gratitude. Be grateful, that’s what they tell you. As much as I understand the concept of gratitude, it never really hit me out of my ‘in the funk’ mind. I tried writing gratitude lists, using grateful journals and for whatever reason gratitude never really moved me.

I also realised part of me was operating with the “If then” model. If X happened I would be *insert emotion*. If I got Y, then I would be “happy”.

Even for simple moments in life. I felt at times, like things had to happen for me to be happy. One morning, I said F gratitude, F the “If then” model… celebrate life every damn day. We’re blessed to be here and alive in this exact fleeting moment.

Celebrate had a big push on me. Maybe it’s the weight of the word versus gratitude? (Who knows.) All I know is that I celebrate life every day. I remind myself to celebrate all the moments from; just sitting, walking, talking to loved ones, “mundane” tasks, managing challenges etc… I even celebrate remembering to celebrate. At times it is easier said than done, and you must celebrate those moments too. That’s the trick.

Our time is finite here. Celebrate life every damn day. ????????

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. – Elbert Hubbard


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