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My calli-sthen-ics flow. I love the origin of the word, I discovered the origin recently. Originating from the Greek language, with “kallos” meaning “beauty” and “sthenos” meaning “strength” and -ics (which is English). How wonderful is that.

Progress from the Learning Snapshot 0.01 and Mobility & Flow Training:

Daily mobility & flow routine:

I have 3 movements a day.

  1. Morning energy flow exercises. This incorporates what I have learnt in the past from wing chun, chi gong and certain energy movements / styles. Ideally, this is done after my morning water.
  2. Afternoon focusses more on mobility and strength. Currently it’s roughly a 25 minute routine. I want to increase this up to 40 minutes upwards. My focus phases out around the 25 minute mark.
  3. Night time stretching. Release and let go.

Mobility & strength training:

In all my sets I do a whole body activation, so exercises for legs, core, back and chest / arms.

  • Legs: Jumps, Kicks, Hindu Squats, Frog Squats, Lunges
  • Core: Leg raises, Planks, Side Planks
  • Back: Supermans, Prone Cobra, Reverse table tops
  • Chest / arms: T pushups, Hindu Pushups, Dips
  • Mix: Rocking, Frog Stand Holds, Caterpillars

Thoughts: So far, my shoulders and arms feel really loose. This may be because I have stopped lifting heavy weights ????️ and changed my training. My muscles feel more supple.

Focussing on breathing with my movements, the rhythm of my breath ???? with each movement.

I aim to be able to do the pancake splits, handstand pushup and more. ????‍♂️

Others: I do remind myself to do Ido Portal’s Basic Spinal Wave throughout the day.


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